• Students  are  expected  to  follow  all  of  the  specific  guidelines  listed  in  this  document  and  take  any  additional  common sense precautions  to  protect  your  assigned  device.    Loss  or  damage  resulting  from  failure  to  abide  by  these  guidelines may result in full financial responsibility.  
    Damage & Theft: Report damage within twenty-­four (24) hours to the Help Desk located in Babcock Hall. You can also call in to (401) 315-1550 or visit the website at:   https://helpdesk.westerlyps.org/login.php Stolen devices should be reported immediately to the Help Desk. If the device is stolen outside of school, report it immediately to the local police and come back to school with the offense number from the police report. 
    General Guidelines:
    1.     Changing the physical structure of the device such as engraving, marking, etc. is prohibited.
    2.     Only the student to whom the device is assigned may use the device; do not exchange passwords with others.
    3.     The device must be kept free and clean of  debris.  Use  an  anti‐static cloth to  clean  the  screen  and  an  air   
            duster  to  clean  the 
    4.     Keep the device safe and secure at all times (e.g., lock the devices in a locker during lunch and physical                     education.)
    5.     Use care when inserting and removing cords, cables, and removable storage.
    6.     Use the device on a solid, sturdy surface.
    7.     Do not carry the device while the screen is open.  
    8.    Store the device in the case provided or other protective covering.  If other than the schoolissued case is used,         the schoolissued case must be returned to the Help Desk.
    9.     Food or drink should not be consumed in the vicinity of the device. Do not carry liquid, even in a sealed                      container, with your device.
    10.   Never leave the device unattended.
    11.  Back up your data.  Never consider data to be safe when it is stored on only one device.  Data will not be saved if         therare system or network interruptions and data stored on a hard drive can be lost if there is a hard drive                failure. To be safer, save important information using at least two methods. 
    12.   Read all care and safety warnings included with your device.
    13.   Report to every class with a charged device.
    14.   The police will be notified of theft, vandalism and intentional damage.
    15.   Report cards and transcripts will not be issued in the event that a device is not returned.
    16.   Immediately surrender the device upon request from the school.  Understand that there is no expectation of                privacy when using the District network and devices.
    17.   Be knowledgeable about and follow the Responsible Use and Internet Safety Policy.
    Home Care:
    1.     Fully charge the device every night.  Use a surge protector when charging.  
    2.     Unplug the device when severe weather is expected.
    3.     Store the device on a desk or table, but not on the floor.
    4.     Protect the device from pets, heat and cold, small children, and food and drink.
    5.     Parents should feel free to establish home guidelines for device and internet use.
    6.     Storing the device in an auto may subject it to extreme heat or cold, always bring the device indoors.
    1.     Place the device in the case provided or other protective covering.  
    2.     Do not carry in a bag or backpack containing heavy books, food, or liquids.
    3.     Do not use the device in a moving vehicle.
    4.     Keep the device safe and secure at all times.

    This document is subject to revisions as we continuously strive to provide our educational community with the best information possible. 


    A copy of the Westerly Public Schools Responsible Use Policy

    A copy of the BYOD Policy