• Fourth Grade Rm 16

    Instructor: Pendola, N.

    It is so exciting to begin a new school year with eager learners. I am happy to continue my fourth grade experience at Springbrook. I am a graduate of URI with a double major in Elementary Education and Psychology. Upon my graduation from college, I taught kindergarten and grade three in Bradenton, Florida for two years. After that, I substitute taught in a variety of long term positions in the Westerly School District and also served as the FastForWord teacher at Tower St. and State St. Schools. I also worked as the Talent Development Coordinator for Springbrook School and Tower St. School. Furthermore, I taught grade two for three years and grade three for one, both at State Street School in Westerly. Last, I taught fourth grade at Springbrook for the 2015/2016 school year.

    My philosophy of education has much to do with inquiry-based learning. The questions children have within our curriculum and studies often drive most of my instruction throughout the school year. Students in my classroom will always be heard and respected as individual learners. 
    This will be my first second year teaching fourth grade in the Westerly School system. Focusing only on Science and Writing this year will be a thrilling opportunity for me.  Diving into the curriculum alongside your children will be a great adventure. Miss DeJesus and Mrs. Roberts are also excited to plan their lessons with myself so that the children are getting the best education possible.

    As you are aware, I will be teaching the children Science, Writing, Grammar and Wordly Wise (Vocabulary).

    In Science we will be discovering new and exciting ideas in the Science and Writing curriculum. I am happy to announce that I will be a teacher leader through U.R.I. and attending trainings to further benefit your children.  The GemsNet Science kits are embedded with the new generation science standards.  We will be working with the Soils, Rocks, and Landforms kit for the first half of the year and Environments for the second half.  We will also be exploring ,many other areas of Science and many of these areas will be based on student inquiries.

    This is the third year of our Being a Writer Program.  Being a writer is a hands on approach to writing and encourages the children to write about their interests.  They will be peer editing and using nonfiction and fiction text to guide the writing process. We will use what we learn in Wordly Wise and grammar throughout our writing and science work.

    Also follow your child's day with classdojo.com

    If at any time during the school year you would like to contact me, please do so by school email- npendola@westerly.k12.ri.us or by contacting the main office at 348-2298. I will make every attempt to respond to you as quickly as possible.
    Weekly Schedule edit delete

    8:45-8:50 Homeroom

    8:50-9:30 Special

    • Monday: Library and Music

    • Tuesday and Friday: Physical Education (wear sneakers)

    • Wednesday Music

    • Thursday: Art


    9:30-10:50 Reading with Mrs. Roberts

    10:50-11:30 Writing with Mr. Pendola

    11:30-12:10 Recess and Lunch

    12:10-12:30 Writing with Mr. Pendola

    12:30-1:50 Math with Miss DeJesus

    1:50-3:10 Science/ Wordly Wise with Mr. Pendola

    3:10-3:15 Pack up/Dismissal

    Mondays and Wednesdays look a little different and your children are aware of these time changes.



  • Presidents Night 3/30/17

    President's Night is from 6-7pm.  The children will be scattered around the gymnasium. The guests will go up to a "president" and press the button on their hand and the president will come alive and begin their speech. Note: Please send president costumes in today and tomorrow, as children will be visiting younger grades, as their president.

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  • Soils, Rocks, and Landforms Post Test

    The three Science classes should be very proud of themselves.  The scores for the Science tests were through the roof.  Please check in your child's orange folder on 2/27/17 for their score.

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  • Environment kits

    Hello We have started out Environment kits! Your children will be working with creatures and finding out how these animals' relationships make our earth go round!  Please ask your children what they have been doing in science nightly! Also, be looking out for NECAP practice work coming home.  We are doing this work in school, however it is important to check this work.  Ask your children why they  scored a 2, 3, 4, or a 5 and they should be able to explain it to you (don't worry, I'll send the answer codes home to…

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  • Science Home/School Connection Assignment

    This assignment is double sided... Both sides are due on Friday, the 13th! Enjoy this learning experience with your children!

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  • Winter break

    Wishing all of my three classes a safe and fun winter break! Be kind and do some nice things for others over this time... Don't forget to read! Best  Mr. Pendola

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  • Energy kit!!!

    I have some exciting news! We will be working with the Energy kits, before we begin our Environments kit!  I was able to borrow some resources for URI and I'm sure the kids will love these hands on experiments! Stay tuned!

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  • HW and checking planners

    It is your child's responsibility to do their homework.  As long as they are working hard and persevering, you can add a note if they could not finish in the allotted time.  These time frames are in the district handbook and posted below this message. The fourth grade team is more than happy to help them with concepts they are still learning.  However, homework is supposed to be review and practice of what we teach in class. Copied from District Handbook p. 15 Guidelines for homework:  For children in the primary grades (K-3): average of 15-30 minutes;  For children in the upper elementary grades (grade 4): average of 45 minutes;  Also, an additional 20 minutes of reading or being read…

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  • Science Quiz this Friday

    Science Quiz on Physical and chemical weathering Science quiz will be on Friday, October 14, 2016, so make sure you study using Quizlet.http://quizlet.com/154812786/soils-rocks-and-landforms-foss-investigation-1-flash-cards/

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  • Science at home!

    Please go to my links at the right side of my page and click on Interactive Science site! It will bring your children to our Science Curriculum.  They can explore games and show you what we are currently working on.  Please disregard the paper user name and passcode for the e books.  Those are for a different link to be done at school. Thank you Nicholas Pendola

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  • Homework folders and planners

    Please open your home folder and homework planner every night.  It is important for your parents to see forms and homework that need to be completed.  Miss DeJesus and Mrs. Roberts will assign work in your planner and send work home in your notebook as well.  Some work will be due the next day, while other work will be due on Fridays.  Please read directions carefully and you will know when work is due you will also know how to complete…

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  • Important notes

    Hello Parents, I am thrilled to be working with your children at Springbrook School. Grade four is an exciting year and I am confident your child will grow as a learner and achieve high standards.   It is imperative that your child complete his/her homework assignment each evening. Students spending at least 25 minutes reading quietly, or to a parent, is another beneficial experience.  Providing writing experiences is also helpful, whether responding to a Reading /Science passage or sitting quietly and entering thoughts in a journal.  Please try to have your child use Wordly Wise vocabulary from the current and past weeks. Remember to ask your child how his/her school day was. We have extremely busy days with lots of learning and laughter! Sincerely,  Mr. Nicholas Pendola     Classroom norms include the following: The three B's: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be safe. In addition, please treat every classmate, child in the school, and adult, with the same respect that you would like to be treated. It is important to be a good listener and to be an active participant in classroom discussions. Please be responsible for completing in-school and HW assignments. Please work hard to be an independent learner and take pride in all of your accomplishments.  We will have a very productive and fun school year if we all work together as a classroom community and follow our classroom norms…

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Discussion Topics

  • HW and Tests

    Posted by Nicholas Pendola on 9/7/2016 4:39:44 PM
    Students and parents should be checking planners and Homework folders nightly.  Miss DeJesus and Mrs. Roberts will be assigning homework the same way.  Please get in the habit of signing the planners nightly.  There will be a Wordly Wise test every other Friday.  Check your child's planner for when the first test will be.  
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