• Fourth Grade Rm 19 16/17

    Instructor: Roberts, N.


  • YAY! Our Project has been funded!

    We are so excited that our Donors Choose project has been fully funded! Our new seating choices have already been ordered and should be in our classroom in the next few weeks! Thank you to everyone who donated- we couldn't have done it without you. Stay tuned to see pictures of our new gear in use!

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  • Donors Choose!

    Did you know our class is looking to upgrade our room with better seating choices? Check out our Donors Choose page! https://www.donorschoose.org/project/creative-seating-for-a-dynamic-classroom/2441032/?rf=link-siteshare-2017-02-teacher-teacher_4267504&challengeid=20905942

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  • Presidents Night

    Hello Families!   Thursday, March 30th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm is our fourth grade Presidents Night! Our students have been working very hard on their presidents reports, and they are excited to share all they have learned with you!   Here’s what you need to know: Students will arrive dressed as their president. In the past, students have worn a family member’s blazer and tie, and some have even used makeup to create beards, moustaches, etc.! We have a limited number of costumes for students in need of one. Students must bring their completed notecards to use in their presentations. Students are working to complete their presidents reports in class. They will be given a copy of their report and note cards to take home to prepare. (See attached for note card information.) Upon arrival, families will receive an autograph book. During Presidents Night, families will explore our “Living Exhibits”- our presidents! Each student will be a statue that comes to life at the push of a button! After their presentation, use your book to get their autograph!   We look forward to seeing you there!   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!   Mrs.…

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  • Donors Choose!

    Exciting News! I have created a Donors Choose project to hopefully get some comfortable seating in our classroom. I can't wait to add some beanbag chairs and wiggle-stools as options for our class. Please see the link below if you would like to contribute, and thank you!! https://www.donorschoose.org/project/creative-seating-for-a-dynamic-classroom/2441032/  

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  • Holiday Shop

    Our class will be attending the Holiday Shop on Wednesday, December 14th. This is always a great opportunity for students to think of others and find thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. If you have any questions, please contact me!

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  • Accelerated Reader

    Did you know your child can take Accelerated Reader quizzes at home? They can use the following link: https://hosted151.renlearn.com/10004/ Another option is to download the Accelerated Reader app. Our school code is: WPS-38OX. AR is a comprehension check that ensures students understand the books they are reading. We also use it as a part of the Battle of the Books!

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  • Short Week

    Due to the short school week, there will be no Reading Logs for homework. Please make sure your child is still reading nightly!

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  • Homework

    Recently, there has been discussion in the press and on social media about the merits of homework. While there are important factors to consider, Springbrook Elementary must adhere to Westerly Public Schools' homework policy. The policy is as follows:         For children in the upper elementary grades (grade 4): average of 45 minutes;  Also, an additional 20 minutes of reading or being read to (across grade levels). A few suggestions to make homework a success: Establish clear and consistent expectations for homework time. Maintain a routine that is easy for your child to follow. Ensure that your child has a quiet place to work. In fourth grade, our homework consists of: A weekly math packet (assigned on Mondays and due on Fridays. Students may complete this at any pace they wish- all at once or a little each day.) 20 minutes of reading each night A daily reading log with 2 comprehension questions to be answered each day in complete sentences. 1 Wordly Wise exercise per day Our grade 4 team has worked together closely to ensure that our collective assignments do not amount to an excess of work, and should fall well within the district's nightly time limits. Please remember, homework is your child's responsibility- not yours! Our goal is to foster independence and responsibility, and as a result, we provide a consequence when students do not complete assignments. After 3 missed assignments, students receive a notice that must be signed by a parent or guardian. Student Ambassadors will lose their ambassadorship after 3 missed assignments, as homework is part of academic responsibility. They have the opportunity to be reinstated at the end of each quarter if their work habits improve.  Thank you for your continued support, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or…

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  • Falling into Reading

    We are back into the full swing of the school year, and students are reading up a storm! Readers are working towards qualifying for the Battle of the Books, setting reading goals for themselves and working on building stamina.  Thank you for supporting your child's reading this year by ensuring they read nightly and complete their Reading Log for homework. 

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  • Welcome Back!

    Hello Families! Welcome to Fourth Grade! My name is Nicole Roberts, and I am the grade 4 reading teacher at Springbrook. Our students have spent the first week getting used to rotating classes and a busy schedule! Here are a few bits of important information: Class Dojo: We have begun using Class Dojo as a classroom-wide behavior monitor. Did you know you can follow your child's progress from home? Use the code sent home with your child to join our class! You can download the app or simply log on to ClassDojo.com to check! Reading logs: It is vital that your fourth grader reads nightly and completes his or her reading log. Consistent reading builds fluency, and comprehension questions help students deepen their understanding of the text. While reading logs are due on Fridays, they must be brought to school daily to confirm nightly reading. Scholastic: Scholastic book flyers are sent home on a monthly basis. Parents can order books online or with paper forms. Each order earns points used toward books for our classroom library! Student Ambassadors: Student Ambassadors are chosen for their positive leadership qualities, and students who consistently follow the 3B's will be selected. Ambassadors must work to retain their position, which can be revoked due to disciplinary action, inconsistent homework,…

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