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      · April 12  (Wednesday) 6:00-7:00p.m. POETRY STROLL                           Our class will participate! The children are eagerly producing poetry pieces---please plan to come!              · April 14  (Good Friday)—- April 23 (Vacation Week) No School      

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  • Marching Along in March

    Well, spring has arrived! Hopefully warmer days will soon be here.              Our academics are more demanding at this time of year. We are  working on triple-digit subtraction in math and how to draw our own number lines which allow the children to demonstrate adding up to the answer or counting back down to the answer and they must also be able to do double-digit subtraction in their heads. At this time students are expected to be able to identify all coins, tell their worth, add groups of coins and tell how much change they would get when buying an item with $1.00. This takes effort! When working with clocks they need to tell time, write the time, draw the time on a clock face, and tell elapsed time such as, “The party started at 2:30 and lasted two hours. What time did the party end?”  Also, they should be able to answer, “If  you have 51, how far are you from 100?” and “If you have 62, how far are you from 80?”  They are reading numbers up to one million. This is hard work!  Please help your child practice at home.  We started our poetry unit this week. The children are writing very comical limericks. These will be on display on April 12. (See below.) The demands in reading have also increased as the children take Accelerated Reader tests on the chapter books they are reading. Their note-taking helps them achieve the desired scores of 80% or greater. We are stretching our thinking to use our background knowledge along with clues from the text to infer meaning. Children cite text when responding to questions. I hope your child is sharing new knowledge of insects as, in science, we now have mealworm life cycles     repeating and our milkweed bugs have hatched. Thank you for making sure homework is completed and returned! It is vital for your child to take on this responsibility, with your help. This will be a routine throughout the school years. There is a lot of work and learning taking place in second grade! If you are planning to take a trip in the sprin

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  • Writing to Grandparents !

    The children have been very excited about learning how to write a Friendly Letter. In writing, they also had to write a fiction story about a toy or stuffed animal they own. Both are being mailed to grandparents for Valentine's Day. Great FUN!  

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  • Mark Your Calendar

    · Jan. 27 Banking · President’s Day Break     February 20, 21  No School                                                   NEW this year: Monday & Tuesday ONLY       

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  • January

                 January in second grade is a joyful and very busy time. The children's growth in all areas allows for more intense work.              We continue to work on using graphic organizers to plan our writing. Lessons help the children think about how to build a simple sentence into a more colorful and descriptive sentence which leads to strong paragraphs. Our work in reading includes concentrated work in comprehension and understanding how paragraphs in informational text contribute to the main topic. Much of our work is verbal and on the board but I hope you are seeing the growth at home, too. In science we are finishing our study of the properties of solids, liquids, and particles. In math we are composing and decomposing numbers along with learning to subtract two-digit numbers using the number line. We will continue working on adding coins, telling time, double digit addition and will concentrate on word problems the next few weeks. Some children catch on to this quickly yet others need much more practice. Please help by having your child practice adding coins and telling how much more money they need to get to $1.00. Please ask your child to tell you the time on an analog clock occasionally.  ¨ If your child does not know how to tie shoes, please practice.   Thank you for sending your child on time to school every day. I enjoy challenging each child’s thinking from the moment the children enter the classroom until we read a book at the end of the…

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    Thank you for attending your child's conference! I enjoyed seeing family members and appreciate that we are able to work together to help your child find great success in second grade. Please contact me if you have any questions throughout the year. 

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  • New Link for NWEA Math Practice

    Please note the new link for MATH GAMES. During our conference I will give you the level your child should choose from and this can be used for the fifteen minutes of nightly math homework. Many fun games to choose from!  

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    Look at the "LINKS" section and click on the words, "READING PRACTICE". You will see many choices for reading activities for your child. If your child chooses to read online for homework, just record the title of what was read that evening on the reading log. Have fun!

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  • Parent Conferences, Nov. 7, 2016

    Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, January 7, 2016. I hope you will bring your child to our conference. I feel it is important for my students to be part of the conference because our discussion is about them---and their progress in second grade. They need to see us as a team, parent/child/teacher, and understand that we all will work together in order to help them find success this year. Their own solid efforts to be responsible and work hard will in large part determine whether they will reach their full potential this year. It is an exciting time for your child to have input into our conference and feel valued as a learner.  ​I am looking forward to our…

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  • October in the Classroom

        October is an exciting month for second grade students. They have become accustomed to our daily expectations and are ready to be challenged to achieve greater academic heights. It is so nice to see the children relaxed and happy as they learn and collaborate.    Our NWEA language arts and math testing is taking place this week. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast and gets to bed at a reasonable time.    During Reading Workshop the children are reading for longer periods of time and are learning to choose books at their individual levels. Students are held accountable for reading carefully and for thinking deeply about the books they read. They will now take Accelerated Reader comprehension tests on the computer to monitor their level of comprehension. Being able to read words well does not always mean a child is able to answer comprehension questions. At the end of class each day, five students connect their book to my reading mini-lesson during our group discussion. Talking about books is serious work!    Writing Workshop allows us to use what we learn from reading books by great authors to guide our own writing. We have formed a caring writing community and throughout the fall students will write true stories about their own lives along with occasional fictional stories. Many students are still struggling with capitalizing the beginning of every sentence and adding an appropriate end mark. Additionally we are working on adding powerful adjectives to enhance each sentence. If time allows, please have your child write just one strong sentence each school night. I encourage the children to use the spelling knowledge from Fundations as they work to spell unknown words.    During Science we “think like a scientist” as we observe the properties of Solids and Liquids while comparing how they are alike and different. The children organize the results of our inquiries then talk and write about our discoveries.    Math is requiring students to count

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    Please see the calendar on the right for the dates when homework should be returned.

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    First Day Letter

    September 6, 2016 Springbrook School   Dear Families,   Welcome to SECOND GRADE. It was so nice to greet so many happy faces this morning!   Although academic areas are being introduced daily, our primary task during the first three weeks of school is to build a caring classroom community in which your child will feel safe and valued. We are working on establishing routines and expectations. Taking time to create a classroom of children who will respect each other and work well together is essential to having a positive and successful year in second grade.   Thank you for sending your child with a healthy snack each day. Please encourage your child to go to bed at a reasonable time each school night and to have a healthy breakfast each morning. I’m sure you have found it difficult to deal with an overtired child. You can imagine how helpful it is to have the twenty-two classmates enter the classroom in a positive mood and ready to learn because they had a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. Thank you for your help!   I believe it is important for a second grade child to have time to play outside after school and to have family time in the evening, so homework will be limited. IF your child stays on task, homework should be completed in a 15-30 minute time period. Your child’s daily homework is to read aloud to you every school night and record it on the home reading log. If your child forgets the log just write the list on any paper. Please sign then return the log every Monday. Also, please check the school folder each evening for any additional homework, have your child complete the work, and return it to school in the homework folder the next school day.   If you need to send me a note please make sure it is placed in the home/school folder so that your child remembers to give it to me. If it is just placed inside the backpack it can easily be forgotten.   So that you can ensure that your child wears sneakers on P.E. days and returns libra

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