• SES Grade 4

    Instructor: Wagner, D.


  • African Drumming Concert Reviw

    Thank you to the students and families that attended the African Drumming concert held on Febraury 8th. Students did an awesome job demonstrating drumming, singing, and recorder playing.  The level of student engagement was exciting to watch.  The concert was a nice opportunity for students to shine.  Great job kids!

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    RECORDER PLAYING Students in grade 4 are working on recorder playing again this year.  Presently, we are playing "Linus and Lucy" made famous by the Charlie Brown children's videos.  Students are also writing simple one note and 2 note songs for the recorder.  It is very rewarding to be able to notate and play a simple song.   In January, we will begin to work on the student singing and playing parts of the Link-Up Orchestra Program.  In May, students will again participate in the Rhode Island Philharmonic Link-Up concert at the VETS in Providence.  This is a wonderful children's concert with interactive student participation.  You will receive more details as the date of our field trip approaches.  This program is made possible by the generous support of the Royce Foundation.  Each child receives a recorder, a book and a concert ticket at no cost.  Many thanks to the Royce…

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  • October/November

    During the months of October and November students will be exploring expressive qualities in music.  Students will have opportunities to use singing, instruments playing, dynamics levels (loud/soft), sound effects, legato (long connected notes), staccato (short notes) to create unique performances.  Students will explore how these elements can be combined to tell the story of the song.  Many students make connections with the music and sound effects used in movies and TV shows.  How would your favorite movie feel different without music and sound effect?  Does the music enhance the story being…

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  • Springbrook Sharing Assemblies

    During the 2016-17 school year there will be four Sharing Assemblies.  A Sharing Assembly is a gathering of all Springbrook students and staff.  At this gathering all students will sing a song that they learned in their music classes.  Also, classroom teachers may choose to share something from their classroom, a poem, song, short presentation. The Sharing Assemblies are limited to 45 minutes in length and typically end with a sing along.   Due to lack of parking, attendance is restricted to one or two grade levels.  The Fall Sharing Assembly will take place on November 2, 2016 at 9:30 AM in the Springbrook Gymnasium.  Parents and families of students in grades 1 and 2 only are invited to attend.  Please be sure to sign in at the main office when you…

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  • African Drum Circle

    Students in Mr. Pendola's class are getting an extra music class on Mondays 9:30 to 10:10.  During this extra class, students will be learning about African Drumming.  Playing in a drum circle is both challenging and ​exhilarating. Everyone enjoys learning new patterns together with the group.  However the challenge is created when multiple patterns are played together.  Students must play their individual part while listening to the relationship of their part to the others.  It is like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces need to fit just right to produce the complex completed performance.   The students helped create expectations for their drumming class.  Please see what they expect from each other during drumming class:                                                                                                                                                                        DRUMMING EXPECTATION     (PENDOLA)   Play with control….not too loud.   Don’t play when someone is talking.   Follow directions and stay with your group.   Keep trying and stay…

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  • Grade 4 Music Notes

    Students in grade 4 will continue their study of music notation and note reading.  Students will be using their recorders again this year to play simple melodies and also to play accompaniment melodies with singing.  We will again participate in the RI Philharmonic Link-Up program culminating with a field trip to the VETS in Providence RI in May. Due to changes in the academic schedule this year, chorus will not be offered for grade 4…

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